A bundle of the complete HIPCAM ecosystem for your home: Includes 1 INDOOR PRO, 1 OUTDOOR PRO and 1 DOORBELL.

Keep an eye on the important areas in your home using our Smart Area functionality. Does the dog like to jump on the couch while you’re away? Have you got a little baby climber who can’t wait to escape their crib? Smart area coupled with AI noise detection will update you when you need. Simply select the area using our mobile app and receive alerts instantly.

Emergency at home? Our onboard voice command system allows your loved ones to call and see you easily just by saying your name. Use HIPCAM Assist to get help quickly when you need it!

Make two-way audio & video calls from your mobile device to connect with loved ones whenever you need. Answer the door while you are away from home with the HIPCAM App on iOS or Android or from your INDOOR PRO.

Personalize your DOORBELL home-screen with our large selection of “Skins”. Greet your guests for holidays, special events, or just something fun and set the tone as they are welcomed into your home.

We’re sure you love your backyard but you can’t spend the entire day there. Using the HIPCAM App you can check in on your private paradise whenever you need. Receive notification, review footage, or just watch the live feed from your office anticipating your return.

2 days 24/7 secure video retention free with purchase.

PRICE: $557,00