A bundle designed to bring you closer to your loved ones, simple and smart: Includes 1 OUTDOOR PRO & 2 INDOOR PRO.

Never be out of reach with your loved ones using 2 way video or audio communication. Talk and see with the built in on-board LCD screen and speaker system.

No hands no problem. Our onboard voice command system, HIPCAM Assist, allows you to contact your loved ones easily. Utilize Google Assistant onboard for any queries you might need.

Emergency at home? Our HIPCAM Assist on-board allows your loved ones to call and see you easily just by saying your name. Use HIPCAM Assist to get help quickly when you need it!

You might like to think the weather is bad outside but the OUTDOOR PRO doesn’t. With our IP66 rating the device can take torrential rain and extreme temperatures. Do not be concerned with the OUTDOOR PRO but rather focus on weather proofing yourself before leaving the house.

Be at ease, our OUTDOOR PRO is smart! It’s onboard AI has facial recognition, person, movement, and light detection capabilities. It detects, filters, and communicates with you so you’re in the know but also not overburdened with notification spam. Let it do the thinking while you go about your day.

2 days 24/7 secure video retention free with purchase

PRICE: $547,00