HipCam Global LLC Limited Warranty

This limited warranty contains important information regarding your rights and obligations and any restrictions and exclusions that might apply.


Hipcam Global LLC. (“Hipcam”) guarantees to the owner of the product contained in the box (the “product”) that it will be free from material and manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year after the delivery date of the original retail purchase (the “warranty period”). If the product does not meet the conditions indicated in this limited warranty during the warranty period, Hipcam, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace the defective product or component. At Hipcam’s sole discretion, the repair or replacement of a new or refurbished product or component will be carried out in accordance with the local legislation of the owner’s jurisdiction. If the product or any of its components is no longer available, Hipcam may, at its sole discretion, replace the product with another of similar characteristics and functions. Products repaired or replaced under this limited warranty will be covered by the conditions included in this limited warranty for a period of (a) ninety (90) days after delivery of the repaired or replaced product, or (b) the remaining warranty period; the longer of these two periods will apply. This limited warranty may be transferred from the original purchaser to future owners of the product, however, the warranty period will not be extended in terms of duration or coverage.


In order to submit a claim subject to this limited warranty, the product owner must (a) notify Hipcam that he/she shall submit a claim through the hipcam.com/support website during the warranty period including a description of the issue, and (b) follow Hipcam instructions regarding returns. Hipcam will not be held liable for any warranty obligation with respect to the returned product if it determines, at its reasonable discretion after examining the product, that it does not meet the requirements (please refer to the definition of “products not covered by the warranty” below). Hipcam will assume shipping costs of the product returned to the owner and will reimburse the latter for all standard expenses, unless the product is not covered by the warranty, in which case, the owner shall assume all shipping costs.


This limited warranty does not cover the following (jointly, “products not covered by the warranty”): products labeled as “sample” or “not for sale”, or that have been sold “as is”, or products that (a) have been modified, altered, manipulated or which have been inadequately maintained or repaired; (b) have been manipulated, stored, installed, tested or used without following the user guide, the installation procedures or other instructions provided by Hipcam; (c) have been improperly or unlawfully used; (d) experienced an outage, fluctuation or interruption in its power supply or telecommunications network, or (e) experienced unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, including, among others, electrical storms, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes. This limited warranty does not cover supplies, such as batteries, unless the causes of damage are related to a material or manufacturing defect in the product, or software (even if these supplies or software are sold with the product). In the case of product repair or maintenance, Hipcam recommends using only authorized service providers. All unauthorized use of the product or software may affect the normal operation of the product and furthermore, will invalidate this limited warranty.


Except as previously indicated in this limited warranty and in the broadest sense allowed by the legislation in force, Hipcam rejects all warranties and alleged, implied and legal conditions related to the product, including implicit guarantees of marketability and suitability for a particular purpose. In the broadest sense allowed by the legislation in force, Hipcam also limits the duration of any warranty or implicit condition applicable to the duration of this limited warranty.


In addition to the foregoing warranty disclaimers, Hipcam will not be held liable in any case for derived, unexpected, exemplary or special damages, including damages due to the loss of data or income, that may arise from this limited warranty or the product or that may be linked to them. Furthermore, Hipcam’s total aggregate liability derived from this limited warranty or the product, or that may be related to them, shall not exceed the sum paid for the product by the original purchaser.


If you choose to use them, online services offered by Hipcam Global, a subsidiary of Hipcam in the United States (the “services”), provide you with information (“product information”) related to its Hipcam products or other peripherals connected to its products (“product peripherals”). The type of product peripherals that can be connected to your product may vary. Notwithstanding previous disclaimers, such information on the product is provided for your benefit, “as is” and “in stock”. Hipcam and its subsidiary do not affirm or guaranty that the product information will be available or that it will be accurate and reliable and that the use of this product information, the services or the product may provide safety to your household. Your use of the product information, services and product are at your own risk and responsibility. You shall be solely liable for losses, liability or damages (and Hipcam and its subsidiary reject any related liabilities), including impacts on your power supply, accessories, electricity, home, product, product peripherals, computer, mobile device and any other element or pet in your house, that may be derived from the use of the product information, services or product. The product information provided by the services is not meant to replace direct channels of information.


Certain jurisdictions do not allow the establishment of limitations in the duration of a limited warranty or specific exclusions. That said, it is possible that some of the previous limitations do not apply to you. If a court or a competent authority decides that some of these limitations do not apply, the limitation shall be modified as necessary to make it enforceable. If such modification is not possible, the corresponding provision shall be deemed eliminated. Any amendments or suppressions will not affect the validity of any other provision of this limited warranty.

This warranty is valid for one (1) year or for the time established by the applicable legislation in the country where the retail purchase was made.