Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in Hipcam.

Introducing Hipcam. Stay in touch with everything that goes on at your home wether you are in or away.

Thanks to its unique design Hipcam is the only camera integrating an LCD capacitive touch screen that provides useful on screen information:
Room temperature, weather forecast, date & time and it also transforms into a beautiful baby night light.
Hipcam´s exclusive LCD touch screen also allows the exclusive ability of two way audio and video communication. Call from the app to hold a live video conversations with your loved ones, or answer your doorbell from the app or from your indoor camera, and let your presence be heard and seen at your front door.

Emergency at home? With Hipcam Assist, our on board voice command system allows your loved ones to call and see you easily, just saying your name.

From the moment you plug it in, Hipcam delivers the smartest and simplest user experience.
With the easiest and fastest setup, you can get your camera up and running in 30 seconds.

Hipcam is ready to work with Google Assistant right out of the box. Use voice commands to ask for information or access your favorite content and connectivity doesn’t stop there!
Our "no boundaries” technology allows you to integrate smart devices and platforms through Hipcam´s flexible API.

Hipcam´s on board AI processor includes facial recognition, and person and motion detection, allowing the best activity monitoring.
Set a “Smart Area” to get alerts when something happens in important zones.
Configure profiles for known person detections and custom notifications, so you get just the information you most care about.

Access your video feed 24/7. Edit, save and share your best moments. Create clips and timelapses taking advantage of the cloud storage with HIPBOX.

Hipcam´s full 1080 HD camera will deliver crisp and clear images with 136º field of view even in full darkness thanks to its infra red LEDs and night vision filters. Enjoy Hipcam´s on board high quality speaker and subwoofer for the best sound experience and live music streaming.

With a stylish modern finish Hipcam effortlessly blends to be part of your home.

Hipcam, the simple smart camera that connects you to what you most care about, in real time, anywhere.

Product Images

Hipcam Indoor Pro | 2,62 MB |

Hipcam Indoor Pro | 2,65 MB |

Hipcam Ecosystem | 6,60 MB |

Hipcam Outdoor Pro | 2,60 MB |

Hipcam Outdoor Pro | 2,52 MB |

Hipcam Doorbell | 2,61 MB |

Hipcam Doorbell | 1,72 MB |

Hipcam Doorbell | 183 KB |

Hipcam Indoor Pro Lifestyle | 7,62 MB |

Hipcam Indoor Pro Lifestyle | 1,62 MB |

Hipcam Indoor Pro Lifestyle | 8,51 MB |

Hipcam Indoor Pro Lifestyle | 6,48 MB |

Hipcam Indoor Pro Lifestyle | 5,54 MB |

Hipcam Doorbell Pro Lifestyle | 4,64 MB |

Hipcam Doorbell Pro Lifestyle | 6,22 MB |

Hipcam Doorbell Pro Lifestyle | 8,24 MB |

Hipcam Doorbell Pro Lifestyle | 5,36 MB |

Hipcam Outdoor Pro Lifestyle | 3,87 MB |

Hipcam Outdoor Pro Lifestyle | 11,5 MB |

Hipcam Outdoor Pro Lifestyle | 3,95 MB |

Hipcam Outdoor Pro Lifestyle | 5,36 MB |

Two Way Audio and Video | 1,82 MB |

Hipcam Assist | 6,39 MB |

Hipcam Assist | 17,5 MB |


Institutional | 12,3 MB |

Hipcam Indoor Pro | 3,48 MB |

Hipcam Doorbell | 4,55 MB |

Hipcam Outdoor Pro | 6,89 MB |

Two Way Audio and Video | 6,16 MB |

Hipcam Assist | 3,99 MB |

Baby Monitoring | 6,64 MB |

Google Assist | 3,28 MB |

Easy Setup | 2,70 MB |

Hipcam Logos

Logo Hipcam | 102 KB |

Logo Hipcam Indoor Pro | 116 KB |

Logo Hipcam Doorbell | 102 KB |

Logo Hipcam Outdoor Pro | 123 KB |