User Guide

  1. Connect the camera to the electrical power using the cable and plug provided in the box of your Hipcam Indoor, Hipcam Outdoor or Hipcam Doorbell cameras. Make sure that the Mini USB connected to the camera / doorbell is fully inserted.
  2. Download and install the "HIPCAM The Smart Home Security Ecosystem" application on your device (mobile phone or tablet) from Google Play or App Store.
  3. Open the application and create a new HIPCAM user. Enter your email and password (must have at least eight alphanumeric characters)
  4. Validate your HIPCAM user from the activation link that you will receive in your email account. You must open it on your mobile device or tablet where Hipcam App is installed.
  5. Once you have validated your account, complete your profile information (photo, name, surname, and nickname). Once your profile is set, you will be ready to pair your camera.
    • Important: the nickname that you register in your profile will be the name you will need to tell the camera when making a HIPCAM ASSIST (Later on we will explain how to do this function).
  6. Click on "+ Add device" to add your HIPCAM camera or HIPCAM Doorbell
  7. If your device is Android make sure its GPS location is turned on.
  8. Select the type of camera you will pair, your preferred language, and your WI-FI network. Then insert the WI-FI password and press "next". If your device is IOS, you must first connect your phone to the WI-FI network that will connect the camera / doorbell.
    • Your WI FI connection must have a 2.4 GHz frequency
  9. Observe the animation tutorial that will be displayed and press "OK"
  10. Show your QR code to your HIPCAM as indicated in the animation tutorial. Your camera will scan the code and be paired automatically with your App and the WI-FI network you selected.
  11. When connecting, it may happen that the camera / doorbell will do some Operating System updates until the most current version gets installed. To perform this update the camera must have at least 50% battery and a strong internet connection.
  12. Now you are connected and the live video transmission of each of your cameras will be displayed in the main screen of your HIPCAM App.
  13. To edit your HIPCAM user, change your password, subscribe to Hipcam Protect, or read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Statement simply go to the "Profile" icon on the bottom right of the screen.

When you access HIPCAM´S App you will find in the lower part of its main screen the following options:

    1. My devices: here you will see a preview of all your Hipcam cameras (your own and shared). In the case that another user has shared their camera with you the owners name will be shown in the upper right corner of the camera´s preview.
    2. + Add Device: by touching this option you can add a new camera to your App using the procedure previously detailed.
    3. Geo location: by touching this icon you can see the geo-location of all your Hipcam cameras. Pressing on any of them gives you access to your LIVE stream. Pressing the upper right corner button again will bring you back to the Main screen.
  2. FACES: selecting this option allows you to access the face pictures recognized by Hipcam´s Face Recognition software. In each case you can tag or delete the faces. Once they are labeled, Hipcam will use the label to notify you every time it is identified. Remember that you can tag up to 5 faces per user, all other faces will be notified as unrecognized.
  3. PROFILE: selecting this option allows you to see all of your profile information. You can change the information, your picture, manage Hipcam plan subscriptions, check the terms and conditions of the service, and Logout from the session.
  4. MUSIC (only on Android devices): by selecting this option you can arrange your music to be played through your cameras, as well as add or remove playlists and songs.

In the DEVICES option of Hipcam’s Main Screen you will see all your paired cameras stream preview. Once there, pressing the Play icon of the selected camera will take you to its LIVE streaming.

In this option you can watch the LIVE streaming of your camera, find general information about it, make adjustments, and execute important functions:

    1. Icon and Camera´s Name.
    2. Geo-location.
    3. Gear wheel to access the Camera´s General Settings.
    4. Current Date and Time.
    5. Wi-Fi signal strength.
    6. The camera´s battery status.
    7. The Camera subscription to Hipcam Protect (Free, Silver, or Gold).
    8. Share Camera icon (informs you how many people you have shared your camera with)
    9. The camera’s ambient temperature and humidity
    10. The camera’s volume.
    11. Full screen option button.
  2. ALARM: By pressing this button the camera’s built-in siren will be activated. This will alert you to an unwanted event. When the alarm is activated the button will change to red. To deactivate it, touch the button again.
  3. VIDEO CALL: Press the video call button to make a bi-directional audio and video call to your Hipcam camera. Once the call has started, the following icons will appear:
    1. Video call icon: Touching this button allows you to toggle between the two-way video call or only audio call.
    2. Microphone icon: You must press and hold this button to enable your device microphone and start talking. When enabled, you will feel a small vibration in your finger and you will see the word "TALK" while seeing an expansion of the green color of the button. At the same time the camera’s circular LED will turn RED indicating to the person in front of the camera that you have enabled your microphone. Once you stop pressing the button, the microphone will deactivate and the circular LED of the camera will change to GREEN. This will be the signal for the person behind the camera to speak.
    3. End call icon: Press this red button to end the call.
  4. AUDIO CALL: by pressing this button you can make an audio call allowing you to see and speak to the person behind the camera but that person can only talk with you. You can also see the icons that appear in a video call whose functions are explained in the previous point.

Press the location icon located at the top of the screen to see the geographical location of your HIPCAM cameras. Once the cameras are displayed on the map you can access the live streaming of it by pressing the icon on the map.

Turn your mobile phone horizontally to see the full-screen image or press the full screen icon, located at the bottom right of your live streaming screen.

To access the settings of you Hipcam you must press the image of your camera and access live streaming, then press the gear button located on the top right of the screen and you will find the following settings in order from up to down:

General Settings:

  1. Hipcam behavior based on the User's Geo-location (this behavior is based on the location of all users logged in at a specific time):
    • Set your notification preferences for when you are at home or away from home.
    • Established if incognito mode should be activated or deactivated when you are at home or away from home.
    • Established if the Private mode should be activated or deactivated when you are at home or away from home.
  2. "Armed" mode: By activating this mode all your cameras alarms within your location will be activated when there is a detection such as movement detection or  people or face recognition, if this mode is deactivated then you will receive a notification of the mentioned detection depending on your configuration but the alarms will not be played.
  3. Privacy mode: When you turn on the "private" mode the cameras will stop streaming and recording both image and sound, when you turn off this mode the cameras will automatically stream and record audio and video if you have a Hipcam Protect subscription.
  4. "Incognito" mode: When you turn this mode on, the screens and the LED lights of the cameras will turn off making your Hipcam look as turned off but keeping it on and live. When the incognito mode is turned off, the screen and the LED lights of your camera will automatically turn on again.
  5. Notifications: Through this setting you can decide if you want to receive notifications by email, from the application on your cell phone (Push) or neither of the two ways.
  6. Smart Area: Access the Smart Area option to mark a specific area within you Hipcam footage from which you want to receive notifications immediately when something happens in them, Hipcam will avoid sending notifications of everything that happens outside that area. To register the smart zone move the red dots until you surround the area and press "Save", if you want to delete it press "Delete" once you have saved it.
  7. Share your Camera: By sharing your camera you can allow other users to connect to your HIPCAM  and see your camera live streaming, to be part of the “emergency group” in the Hipcam Assist emergency call, to receive alerts and notifications. Once you have accessed to “Camera Sharing” press the share button located at the top of the screen, Choose between the displayed app options (WhatsApp, mail, etc) which one you will like to use to share the invitation link and then choose your contact within the application to share the link, the user who will received the link must have the Hipcam app installed.
  8. Detections: Within this mode you can configure what type of detections you want HIPCAM to identify through its intelligence and sensors. You can choose different types:
    • Smart Detection : Turn on this option to get face and person recognition and movement detections notifications
    • Play Siren: When this option is activated, the alarm is automatically played when an intelligent detection is made
    • Temperature: Press the gear button to adjust the temperature range acceptable for you; any temperature record lower or higher than the selected range will be notified to you if this mode is on and if your notifications are activated.
    • Sound: Turn on this mode to get a notification on environmental sound detection if your notifications are activated.
    • Light: Turn on this mode to get a notification if any light change is detected.

Video and Sound Settings:

  1. Press the option "Video Quality" if you want to configure the quality of video transmission by selecting one of the options that are displayed inside (High, Medium or Low).
  2. Microphone: With this setting you can turn on and off the camera microphone, please keep in mind that if you turn it off, the video will be saved (in case you have contracted a Hipcam Protect plan) without audio.
  3. Volume: Press this option to display the volume settings of your camera, to change the speaker volume of your Hipcam you must slide the bar, a volume percentage will be also shown for an easier configuration.
  4. Night vision mode: With this mode you can decide if you want the night vision LEDs to turn on automatically or not when your Hipcam is in low light Steaming.
  5. Image rotation: By activating the Image Rotation the camera will transmit the video rotated 180°, this could be useful when your camera is placed upside down.

Screen settings:

  1. Screen: Through this mode you can control if your camera's screen is turned on or off.
  2. Theme: With this mode you can change the background of your Hipcam screen between white and black.
  3. Smart lights: When you turn this mode on, your Hipcam screen will become a perfect night light changing colors to dimly illuminate your room.
  4. Temperature: When you turn this option on, Hipcam will show you the room´s temperature and humidity, when you turn it off, this information will not be displayed.
  5. Date and Time: When turning this option on, Hipcam will show you the current date and time of the camera's location, when it is turned off, this information will not be shown.
  6. Weather forecast: When turning on this option, Hipcam will show you the weather forecast for the day and the next days on its location, when it is turned off, this information will not be shown.
  7. Screen brightness: Press this option to display your hipcam´s display brightness settings, to change the Screen´s brightness you must slide the displayed bar.

Device Settings:

  1. Language: In this setting you can select your Hipcam´s language, this will affect on the language in which you must communicate in the Hipcam Assist feature.
  2. WI-FI network:  You can modify the WI-FI network to which your Hipcam is connected, remember that the network frequency must be 2.4 Ghz.
  3. Location: When you turn on this option Hipcam will show you on its screen the city where it is located, when you turn it off, this information will not be shown.
  4. Temperature scale: Define if you want the temperature to be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  5. Time Format: Define if you want the time to be displayed in 12HS or 24HS format.
  6. System: Within this option you will be able to see the software version installed and when the last system update was made.
  7. Reboot the system: By pressing this option your camera will restart.
  8. Remove your camera: When pressing this option your camera will be removed from the user that is assigned and get available to be installed in a different user, keep in mind that you will lose all the video history, your clips, timelapses and everything stored in your Hipbox, the subscription of "Hipcam Protect" Will not be canceled until the end of the period already contracted and paid.

HIPCAM Assist allows you to make a video call from your Hipcam to all the devices (mobile phones, tablets or Hipcam cameras) registered under the same user or to those users with which the camera has been shared.

The first thing is to be sure you set up a nickname in your HIPCAM user account. If you haven´t done it when first setting up your user account please see the following steps:

  1. Open the HIPCAM App and press the user profile icon in the lower right part of the screen.
  2. Press on your profile data to edit it.
  3. Set a nickname, for example "Mike"
  4. Press the Save button.

Now, let's try to make your first video call through Hipcam Assist by following these instructions:

  1. Talk to your HIPCAM cameras and say "Hello HIPCAM"
  2. HIPCAM will answer: "How can I help you?" in the language that has been selected in the "Settings" of the camera (HIPCAM should not take more than 2 seconds to respond, if you do not get an answer, try speaking again paused).
  3. Say "Call Mike" ("Mike" is your contact's nickname for this example).
  4. HIPCAM will call Mike and automatically activate the video call.
  5. To end the video call, press the red Cancel button.

If the camera is shared, you can call all the contacts with which you have shared the camera. You will have to know their nicknames.

EMERGENCY CALL: If someone in your home has an emergency, they can call all of the user devices that are logged into your HIPCAM camera (owned and shared) to get help following these steps:

  1. Talk to your HIPCAM cameras and say "Hello HIPCAM"
  2. HIPCAM will answer:  "How can I help you?"
  3. Say "Emergency"
  4. HIPCAM will automatically call all of the contacts logged into the camera user and to all of the users you have shared the camera with.

This way there will always be someone who can answer the video call and be there to help you.

If you want to close your session in the app, press the User icon on the right top of the screen and press the Log Out button, located at the bottom of the screen. Next time you open the app, you will have to enter user and password to login again.